Yes, of course, this is a competition! Fortunately, it looks like no one ever told your fellow seekers:



  The good news concerning your personal JOB SEARCH and CAREER BOOST at any age, is that most of the participants in this grand adventure don’t know how or where the game is being played. They certainly don’t know the rules of the game have changed and they have absolutely no specific strategy for coming out on top.



Certainly, since the last time you considered a job upgrade, the traditional job search process has matured along with you. Since the game is ever changing, it makes sense that the path to success will evolve as well.

While we’re still just getting warmed up in this conversation about boosting your career, we’ll be digging a little deeper over the next few posts and in conversations within our community to bring you up to speed.  

We can see that following the traditional, even popular approach to job hunting needs to be updated. The procedure that was chiseled in stone in another era, is simply outdated.

Even though this digital age may give you cause to pause, when it comes to the modern job search process, there isn’t an App for that. Fortunately, you and I have experience in APP FREE OPERATIONS.




More good news, the changes that may be new to you at the moment are logical and easy to maneuver. The even better news is that most players, both young and not so much, won’t have noticed those changes and will continue to conduct their searches the old way.

That old style search won’t identify optimal employers. That means that they won’t be able to connect with the Decision Makers that have positions available, whether advertised and certainly not the unadvertised job opportunities. Boomers 1, Beginners 0

We’ll talk in upcoming posts about those two categories of jobs, the publicly posted and the unposted internal job searches and how to find them as our discussion evolves. It is true that the game as you may remember it has certainly changed.

Truth be told,that is actually not very good news for your competition,  regardless of their age and work experience. First, your fellow seekers from the Boom Age will likely be playing with some used equipment and may not have had a chance to study the updated procedures that you and I will discuss.  

Secondly, there are the newer players, many of which we dread for their newly graduated status and highly tech savvy training. They will not only be lacking your experience in the search process, but they will be severely lacking in the cultivation of a positive and professional WORK ETHIC.





The Boomer Work Ethic really is a thing.  In fact, it is an asset that is dreamed about by many well seasoned and even many younger  employers, alike. While having a Boomer Work Ethic is natural and probably unnoticed by you, it is a quality that is considered a valuable asset, especially by Boom-Aged Employers, who remember the good ol’ days.

What feels like a natural part of your professional DNA, is actually a quality developed over time and quite frankly, an asset that is impossible for younger seekers to appreciate or duplicate. They will be found lacking simply because they haven’t been in the workforce since the Age of Aquarius. Fact!  

Employers from all areas will be excited to add your ethic to the mix, both as a dependable employee and a valuable mentor. Just by adding your style and presence to the program, in any company, the culture will change for the better. Point Boomer!




Based on personal experience, I can confirm, quite honestly, that most job applicants don’t think about the process from the Boss’ or Decision Maker’s perspective. While most Job Seekers do have a general job category in mind, most will not consider the value and importance of drilling down to identify specific companies.

That leaves them without the ability to connect with a specific Decision Maker, unless and until they are invited to an interview.  

Major missed opportunity!

I’m glad you’ve joined this conversation and I hope it helps to instill a massive dose of confidence in your potential. Considering the alternative, most of your fellow seekers will not see the need to laser focus their search process. Many others will sense the need to improve their chances by seeking random council from a friend, relative or stranger who was successful once upon a time.

You and I will work together to fine tune and maximize your potential. Based on my 40 years in Business Management and from the contributions of members of our new community as it begins and grows, together, we’ll help you to rock this competition. In no time, you’ll be thinking like a boss as you engage in an exchange of ideas (as opposed to an interview), with your future Boss in your next Dream Job. Boom that!    




This point will become more clear as we go along. New discoveries will put a smile on your face and put a spring in your step.  While I like to imagine you to be a kind and compassionate individual, I wanted to let you know that it is quite acceptable to laugh out loud as you see the future benefits of your new process.

The fact is that most of your fellow applicants won’t get it. They won’t have a clue about the potential in your new, yet to be developed process.

This revelation may actually fill you with the mixed emotions of joy and sympathy. Being the kind hearted soul that I imagine you to be, it is totally acceptable to share the details of your own successful campaign, of course, after you have landed your perfect new position. Having the opportunity to pay it forward, very shortly, I sincerely believe, will make up for your laughter at the outset of this adventure.



We’ll take a look at the major mistakes made by practically every job seeker who see’s a resume and a search engine as their ticket to a DREAM JOB. (IT’S NOT!) We’ll talk about why resumes are rejected before being seen by a human and why a resume is more likely to be a DEAL BREAKER, instead of a DREAM MAKER


Before you think about polishing your resume, let’s prepare to take a little tour of life as you knew it, a little look at the DEJA VU specifically about you. Before you introduce yourself to your new  DREAM JOB BOSS, who happens to be looking for you, let’s do a quick review of your own “BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT LIST” from the ground up.

We’ll walk through a brief exercise designed to shake the cobwebs out of your memory banks.  We all have had experiences, opportunities, challenges, wins and occasional losses that have served to define us.  Some of the learning moments that you may not readily recall or have intentionally tried to forget, have actually served to build your character and to stimulate or transform your passions and your potential.

What you’ll discover in our quick look in your CAREER-VIEW MIRROR and beyond, are some forgotten dreams that may deserve a second chance. You may recall, some things that you loved, but set aside or others that you disliked, but that help to build the you that employers are waiting to meet.

Let’s consider resetting your pathfinder, refocusing your direction with a new M.A.P. (Managable Action Plan). One key point of this segment is to add some KEY TALKING POINTS (aka: KEYWORDS & KEYWORD PHRASES)  to your inner dialogue.

In addition, this exercise will not only help to light a fire under your search, but it will expand your vocabulary of descriptive terms all about you, your abilities, experiences and objectives.  After all, once we get to the part where everyone else stops, their resume, you will be ready to kick the search to the next level by being prepared with a story to tell in your first conversation with your future Boss.  

Remember, SEARCH ENGINES can’t find you and BOSSES won’t hire you if you have no idea where you’ve been, where you want to go and you are better able to articulate your value and passions than the seeker next door.  YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT PROPER PLANNING! If not, we’ll cover that, too. LET’S ROLL!




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